This is How Plastic Recycling Works

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Trade is increasing and with it also the number of plastic packaging is increasing. To cope with the climate and the environment, we need to reduce the consumption of plastic and recycle the plastic we absolutely need. Today, energy recycling is the safest and most environmentally friendly option for handling the plastic that cannot be recycled into new products.

To find out how plastic recycling works, you can watch videos on youtube of this process.

Recycle the plastic to new products

Home – Separate different plastic materials from each other. For example, unscrew corks and lids. Pull the thin plastic film over the trays.

Recycling station

Leave the plastic packaging in the plastic container at the recycling station or in the refuse bin. If you have them in a bag – open the bag so that all the packaging is loose in the container. This helps in sorting later.

Sorting plant

A plastic recycling plant sorts plastic packaging with machines in several steps. Different types of plastic are separated and colored plastic is separated from the transparent. Everything goes very fast and the machines use infrared light in the sorting. Because black plastic reflects light poorly, that particular plastic is difficult to sort. Therefore, it often goes to energy recovery. There also goes packaging that consists of too many different forms of plastic.

Cleaning and production

When the plastic is sorted, it is bundled with tapes of recycled plastic bottles, then it is shipped to recycling plants to first be washed and then turned into granules. New granular packaging or items can then be made from the granules.

Manufacturing Industry

For example, from hard plastic packaging, flower pots, parts for the automotive industry, the construction industry, and plastic furniture can be manufactured. Soft plastic packaging can become, for example, new garbage bags, carrying bags or cable covers.

Energy recovery

Energy recycling is today the best environmental option for the plastic that cannot be recycled in any other way. As the packaging becomes easier to recycle and the demand for recycled plastic increases, less plastic will be recycled. But until then, energy recycling has an environmentally important place in the cycle.

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