3 Smart Ways for Your Company to Protect the Environment

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A large part of companies’ environmental impact consists of purchasing – a key in environmental work that can be affected even for smaller companies. Here are 3 tips that make a difference to the environment, often without costing a single penny.

1. Digital services for the environment

E-signatures, one of many smart digital solutions that benefit the environment.

Do you really need to go to a meeting in another part of the country? With modern technology, web conferencing is efficient, affordable and good for the environment. E-invoices, digital archive solutions and e-signatures are other services that make life easier and protect the environment.

2. Put the power where it makes a difference

Organic fruit in all its glory, but do not stare blindly at the choice of the fruit basket. Instead, identify where your environmental impact is greatest. Are you freight intensive? Buy locally produced for shorter transport and make few but large purchases. Do you consume a lot of energy? Change to green electricity already today.

3. Alone is not strong

Small companies may find it difficult to demand change from their suppliers. Adapting their range to a smaller player’s requirements is simply not profitable. Merging with other companies and setting the same environmental requirements will increase the pressure for change.

Small and medium-sized companies are an important piece of the puzzle in Sweden’s environmental work. Through environmentally smart purchasing, you can make a real difference to our environment. It’s never too late to get started.

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