Seven Myths About Recycling

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Seven myths about recycling

Do you know someone who thinks that household recycling makes no difference, or do you even doubt that it does? Does your brother-in-law claim that everything is still just mixed up and burned, or that sorting takes place afterward so it doesn’t matter if you throw everything in the same bag?

Objective arguments to use

There are many myths about recycling, here we have listed seven of them so that next time you have factual arguments to come up with when someone claims that your recycling doesn’t matter.

Myth 1: The packages need to be cleaned thoroughly.

No! It is not necessary, but the packaging must be completely emptied. Otherwise, they may end up in the automatic recycling process, which sorts the packaging by weight, among other things. It is not necessary to rinse out the packaging, but for your own sake, and for those who work with the handling of the packaging, it can be nice with rinsed packaging.

Myth 2: Milk, file and juice packages are not recyclable because they consist of different materials.

Wrong! Many packaging for fresh products consists of cardboard, a plastic film and / or a thin aluminum film on the inside and a plastic cork. However, the packaging contains the most paper fiber, so you sort it as paper packaging while the plastic cork is loaded with the plastic packaging. The inner lining is separated from the carton later, when it is recycled.

Myth 3: The energy consumption to transport the packaging and newspapers eats up the environmental benefits of recycling.

No! Recycling provides a much greater benefit to the environment, even though energy is used for transport.

Myth 4: My contribution to recycling is so small that it doesn’t matter.

If everyone thinks that way, not much would be recycled. Many together make great use, so your contribution is important. Some examples:

Myth 4: There is no point in sorting because everything is still mixed up afterward.

Wrong! Nothing mixed. Everything is sent separately to different, specialized, recycling facilities. When those who empty the containers at recycling stations and in recycling rooms come to our plant, it is checked that the material is still properly sorted.

Myth 7: The garbage is sorted afterward, so I might as well throw everything in the regular garbage bag/household garbage.

No! If you throw away your packaging in the garbage bag, they are fired and not recycled into new products. While cooking with them generates heat and electricity, it is much better for the environment to make new products from old packaging and magazines. It is possible to recycle virtually all plastic, paper, metal, and glass packaging, as well as magazines.

Myth 7: There is no point in sorting colored and unstained glass, the waste still ends up in the same container.

Wrong! The collection points for waste ensure different glass are treated and handled properly. You may think that all glass everything is mixed up. Glass packs can be recycled as many times as possible without compromising quality. The use of recycled glass in the manufacture of new carbon dioxide emissions is reduced by 41 percent compared to using new raw material, while at the same time-saving nature’s resources.

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