PP Bottles Machine – What Do You Need to Know?

PP bottles are slightly less popular than the commonly known PET packaging. Polypropylene (PP), however, has many advantages which are appreciated by manufacturers operating in various industries. What should we know about it? How this type of packaging is manufactured? Have a nice read!

What is PP?

Let’s start with explaining what is PP. PP, or polypropylene, is a chemical compound that belongs to the polyolefin group and is obtained by polymerising propene.

Polypropylene is resistant to acids and other chemicals, has low water vapour permeability, is durable and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, PP is an odourless substance, and has good thermoplastic properties.

Thanks to its numerous advantages, PP is used in many economic sectors, ranging from the production of bottles, packaging and canisters to disposable vessels, syringes, buckets, tanks, pipes, toys or furniture. However, let us focus on bottle production.

PP Machines – Discover the SMF Offer

PP packaging manufacture requires modern machinery. These are exactly the kind of machines that are available from SMF. SMF’s team of specialists has been designing and building blow moulding machines, filling lines and introducing other modern solutions for packaging manufacturers for over 30 years.

PP Bottle Production – Solution from SMF

One of the proposals from the SMF is Optima PP. Optima PP is an automatic machine that guarantees an efficient production process. In the construction of the machine, the following components are distinguished:

  • a closing unit
  • ratchet straps
  • transfer of preforms between furnace and moulds
  • unloading of finished bottles
  • furnace controlled by Mitsubishi servo systems.

The machine has a robust construction, is equipped with high quality components and is sure to perform its function perfectly for a long, long time.

PP Bottle Production

How does the PP bottle production stage work? In the case of the Optima PP machine from SMF, which is a blowing machine designed for the production of polypropylene bottles in a 2-stage process, it works as follows.

  1. The first stage is the production of preforms from resin. (PP bottles must be stored for a minimum of 24 hours for recrystallization).
  2. The next stage is heating the preforms and blowing them.
  3. Optima PP enables the production of bottles with capacities from 100ml to 1000ml. Bottles are unloaded vertically. It is possible to connect the machine directly to the bottle filling and capping unit.

Opt for an efficient, cost-effective PP production process!

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