How Subscription Management Software Integrations Offer You The Best Tech Stack

Today, online subscription businesses cannot be run without automated advanced tools. And there are so many tools and software that it is not easy for anyone to select the right tools. Though it depends on your affordability as well, you need to invest in the right set of tools even if you are investing a single penny. In this article, you will read what tools do you need to integrate with your subscription management software.

Salesforce Integration

If you want to streamline your sales and marketing processes, integrate your subscription management software with Salesforce. Subscriptions can better be managed with Salesforce subscription management software integration.

Every sales team is given some targets that need to be met by the given time limit. Salesforce integrated with subscription handling software enables sales teams to meet these targets feasibly. Selling a product to a customer is a complete process. It starts with the lead generation and it is the responsibility of the sales and marketing teams to onboard happy customers so that the customer lifetime value (CLV) is better.

HubSpot Integration

HubSpot invoicing can help online retailers to achieve marketing targets. HubSpot offers email templates. These email templates are very helpful in email marketing. Rather than wasting time, you can promptly go with these customizable templates. For instance, now is the time when companies are sending emails to wish their clients Christmas. HubSpot email templates are best suited for sending emails on Christmas and New Year.

Stripe Integration

For every subscription business, you need a robust fintech stack. And when it comes to the fintech stack, payment gateways are indispensable. Stripe is one such payment gateway that can help you open up the doors of opportunities in the subscription business market. You need to receive payments recurrently from subscribers and to offer your subscribers the best payment experience, it is crucial that you have the best fintech tools.

Stripe payment gateways will help you offer your customers to pay in multiple currencies and in various regions. Thereby, you can enter the international business market whenever you want. Also, there are some international customer markets where customers prefer paying through certain payment gateways. Stripe is a reliable payment gateway that is preferred by many people in various regions of the world. You can offer customers to pay in their local currency.

CardConnect Integration

Another amazing integration is the CardConnect payment gateway integration. If you are devising your fintech stack, then you will need to have multiple payment gateways. Why?

Because a payment gateway can be down and when it is not working, you cannot afford to cause the reason for involuntary churn yourself rather it is better to have multiple payment gateways integrations. Integrate not just Stripe but CardConnect as well so that if one payment gateway is down for any reason the other remains functional and your customers can process payments without any hiccups.

Shopify Integration

Shopify is the platform that facilitates eCommerce businesses. It provides users to have a space where they can offer commodities to the targeted customers. When subscription management software is integrated with Shopify, you get a platform to run the eCommerce business holistically. For eCommerce businesses, this integration will offer billing software, invoicing, payment processing, and much more.

If you are interested in getting these integrations including Salesforce subscription management software integration, then contact SubscriptionFlow experts. They offer a subscription management system integrated with these software so that you can manage business aptly.

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