5 Facts About Solar Energy

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1. Super fast journey

Solar energy travels an average of 149.6 million kilometers from the sun before landing on the Earth’s surface. The journey takes the jets just over eight minutes.

2. Huge amounts of energy

In two hours, the earth receives as much energy from the sun as the entire world’s population uses for a year. Imagine if we could use just ten thousandth of all the solar energy that reaches our planet. Then that energy would cover the entire annual energy consumption of the earth by margin.

3. Capture sun in the desert

For some years now, researchers have been researching how to use the Sahara desert for solar parks. The entire Sahara is 9 million square kilometers. If 18,000 square kilometers, ie 0.2 percent, were used for solar cells, the whole of Europe could be supplied with electricity. The challenge lies, among other things, in how electricity is to be transported the long distance from Africa in an efficient way.

4. Sunny figures

Germany has the most installed solar cells per inhabitant in the world, for a production of about 41 GW installed in 2016.

5. World record in storage

In Australia, a huge solar plant is being built that will be able to store more energy than any other plant in the world. The Riverland project, which is being built in the southern part of the country, will consist of 3.4 million solar panels on an area of ​​600 hectares, or 6 million square meters. The plant is expected to be commissioned in the second half of 2018 and will have a capacity of 330 MW. 1.1 million batteries will store the energy extracted from the plant. When the batteries are fully charged, they can provide 100 MW for four hours. Behind the project is the Lyon Group, which focuses on green energy solutions.

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