10 Facts you Didn’t Know About Solar Energy

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Solar energy is called the energy that comes from the sun’s light. It is thanks to the solar energy that there is life on earth. Without heat from the sun, the earth would be cold, and it is the solar energy that drives the plants’ photosynthesis.

We, humans, have recently learned how to use solar energy to our advantage, which has among other things resulted in us being able to generate electricity cheaply. Here are ten facts you should know about the topic.

Graham Bell advocated for alternative energy sources …
As early as 1917, Alexander Graham Bell predicted that “the burning of fossil fuels would have some kind of greenhouse effect” on the planet, arguing for the use of alternative energy sources such as solar energy.

Big plans for Chernobyl…
Over 30 years after the meltdown in Chernobyl, the radiation makes agriculture and forestry too dangerous in the area. Therefore, Ukraine is working on plans to transform the Chernobyl area into a massive solar energy farm instead.
Want to build on the moon …
A Japanese company suggests building solar cells on the moon to provide clean energy to the earth. It is the company The Shimizu Corporation that is behind and actively pursues the idea.

The sun is our future…
Our sun itself produces enough energy in a single second to hypothetically meet the needs of our entire planet for 500,000 years to come.

Bavaria world leader…
Bavaria – a state in Germany – has more solar panels installed than is installed throughout the United States.

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