What is Required for Sustainable Living?

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What is required for sustainable living?

Whilst progress has been made, we still have a good way to go in living sustainably.

There is no doubt that the focus on sustainability is crucial to everyone’s future. But how should it be implemented in practice? In the housing market, there are different views on how construction should be carried out smartly and sustainably. Several housing developers have started to climate-label their projects.

The goal is to:

  • New buildings are designed and placed so that they contribute positively to the life of society, but also to the landscape or the cityscape.
  • Resource management is increasingly important and the recycling of building materials has been developed, while hazardous substances are largely phased out.
  • The buildings are environmentally friendly and adaptable for new users through the reuse of furnishings and workable equipment.
  • To achieve the vision as early as 2025, some changes are needed in how housing is built. The construction must be adapted to the housing need, as well as the need for a varied housing supply. “Energy efficiency improvements and changes are carried out with great regard to good indoor environment and accessibility, and with the preservation of aesthetic, cultural and historical values.

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