What is a Sustainable Lifestyle?

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A sustainable lifestyle, is a lifestyle that aims to and supports sustainable social development. Sustainable social development from an environmental, social and economic perspective. A sustainable lifestyle can meet today’s needs without jeopardizing the needs of future generations.

But what does this mean in practice?
One measure is to calculate the carbon footprint of its consumption. Our consumption is now up to about 11 tonnes of carbon dioxide per person per year. We have to down to under two tons. (EPA)

We can do this by halfing our consumption of beef and pork, reducing our flying and reducing our car driving. There are some factors that come out more clearly but it all depends on how you consume today. If you look at different areas such as food, housing, travel, leisure, etc., you can find quite a lot that can be affected. A basic question is – Do I need this?

Some examples:

  • Food
  • Eat more green and reduce the consumption of meat and dairy products.
  • Increase the proportion of organic and ethically prepared foods
  • Reduce food waste
  • If you have to throw away – add it to the food waste

In the home

Reduce energy use by lowering the temperature to a degree and turning off the lights in rooms where you are not.
Do not throw furniture or anything else. Make, look or see if anyone else can reuse it.


Try borrowing, exchanging, sharing or renting.

Repair instead of throwing.

Just buy what you need so you don’t have to throw away. Then you can reduce the amount of waste.
Avoid disposable items such as plastic cups.


Go biking more. Take a bus or train. Reduce on car trips and air travel

Free time

Increase activities with movement and preferably outdoors. Discover our nature. Take holidays more locally and reduce air travel.

Lifestyle and health

Health means a lot. Of course, we should feel good. The fun of a sustainable lifestyle is that it goes hand in hand with living healthier. Eating more vegetables, preferably organic, moving more – are just a few examples of a more healthy lifestyle.

Where will a sustainable lifestyle give effect?
A sustainable lifestyle revolves around resources and energy. When we reduce the use of resources, less energy is needed.

When we reuse and recycle, we ensure that the same material has a longer service life. In this way, we save resources and energy.

To obtain different resources, we influence how land is used. This could be by opening mines, cutting down forests, cultivating land, etc. All of this damages ecosystems and contributes to reducing the living spaces that other species need. We need healthy ecosystems and biodiversity for our welfare. Pollinators such as hops and bees are an example of this.

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