Vegetarian Food: a Good Deed for the Climate

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Choosing vegetarian food not only means that you do not want to eat meat, but it is also about being able to do just fine without eating animal products. Meat production can also be considered a waste of resources that in the long run becomes unsustainable. Emissions from meat production, for example in the form of methane gas, are something that has a major impact on the climate – and on our agricultural landscapes.

The benefit of a vegetarian diet

When it comes to a vegetarian diet, there are several reasons why it is better than animal products. One reason is that vegetarian diets usually contain plenty of fiber while having a small amount of fat. As a rule, the risk of vegetarians developing cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure is lower. A further aspect is that environmental toxins are usually collected in meat and fish and in some seas, fish can be polluted.

Protect the environment with a vegetarian diet

The environment on earth is the most important thing for us humans because it is where we live and work, and it is not only possible to move to another planet unless it becomes sustainable to live on earth. Therefore, one must think of new paths to use in terms of vegetarian and animal as well as the consumption of both.

Meat consumption is still very high in the world, and in 2016 we set a record for the amount of meat consumed, which is alarming. But dropping the meat is not the only thing that can be done for the environment. Shopping locally is also a good way to go. Importing food from the other side of the world is not something that does our planet any good due to the long transportation and the emissions it causes.

Help the animals with vegetarian options for your diet

When eating meat, not many people think about the animals and how they feel. But take a moment and think about this. Breeding of animals can look very nasty. Many animals are born in narrow factories and establishments where they are not allowed to live a dignified life, but instead, they have to suffer their entire short lives only to be served as products to grocery stores. It is also the fact that many countries have very poor animal welfare laws, which is worth considering when buying meat from other countries.

Animal transport and slaughter processes are also under criticism in several countries in South America and North America.

There, you do not take into account how the animals feel during transport and definitely not during the slaughter where the smell of blood and intestines often stress the other animals. You as a private person can do a lot. For example, one may start by replacing the meat with vegetarian food one day a week. Every small step contributes to a better society where animals and nature are protected.

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