Eco-Friendly Outings: Top 4 Products You Can Use To Stay Sustainable

Keeping your outings sustainable can be a challenging task for some, especially those who are committed to a zero-waste life or even just ensuring that they are not contributing to issues like plastic pollution or a throwaway lifestyle. Here is a list of a few products that you can take with you on your next outing to help ensure that your lifestyle remains as eco-friendly as possible.

Reusable water bottle

Probably the most common eco-friendly product on the market is the reusable water bottle. This is a product that is relatively affordable and comes in a wide range of choices including bottles that keep liquids chilled and heated or those that come with additional water purification features. A reusable water bottle can come in handy in numerous situations but for your use of the bottle to remain eco-friendly, the longer you reuse the same bottle the better your commitment to the environment. The energy and materials used in the production of these bottles is not saving if you are replacing your bottle every other week, so keep your bottle close for the longest possible lifespan. 

Reusable cutlery and packaging 

Food is an essential item for any real outing but it is a shame to see so many vendors using non-recyclable and non-sustainable packaging and accessories. Refusing plastic cutlery with casual meals is the simplest way to ensure that your dining efforts remain eco-friendly, but many take it a step further with collapsible snack packs which avoid the need for takeaway containers. Often engaging the servers in a conversation about your sustainability efforts can be a good way to encourage the use of your reusable packaging. Even a visit to McDonalds can become a sustainable experience if you are carrying packaging that can be used to avoid throw-away alternatives. 

Solar chargers

There is nothing worse than your phone running out of battery when you are in the middle of an outing but using the sun as a natural alternative is a fantastic way to solve the problem. If you are out for a day of hiking or attending a fun daytime event like the Melbourne Cup, then harnessing the power of the sun is a fantastic way to ensure that you remain connected the whole day through.

With a solar phone charger, you can continue to place your Melbourne Cup bets while keeping an eye on the favorites with your phone without the hassle of running out of battery. If you are hiking, your solar charger can help you to remain connected to important GPS and maps, acting as a safety barrier for you as well.

Shopping Totes

A day at the mall or a grocery run no longer needs to encourage the use of harmful plastics to carry your purchases. Though many countries around the world are coming on board and banning the use of plastic bags, there are still places that find them cheap and convenient to use. This can be easily avoided by carrying shopping tote bags that can be folded into your handbag or even fit in your pocket for convenience. Shopping totes even come in a range of thermal materials so keeping your grocery items cold on your way home is as simple as ever.

By choosing these simple workarounds, you can ensure that every outing you have remains as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

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