This is Why we Should Recycle Glass

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Why should you recycle glass? Continue reading to learn about the most important reasons.

Saves huge amounts of energy

Glass is good in many ways. It’s transparent. It does not leak. And as a food packaging, it does not affect either taste or aroma. The fact that most glasses also consist of the relatively common substances of sand, soda and lime hardly makes matters worse.

That’s probably why glass has been around for quite some time now. In fact, it was already used by the ancient Egyptians. And probably earlier than that. In excavations in southwestern Asia, archaeologists have found glass remains that are believed to be 9,000 years old.

Why do we have to recycle glass?

Well, especially because glass production consumes huge amounts of energy. Merely melting the raw materials requires temperatures around 1500 ° C. Unless you use recycled glass. Then we save almost 20 percent of the energy consumption.

Of course, there are more reasons to recycle glass. It shrinks the garbage dump. Earth’s natural resources are longer enough. And, not least, for glass bottles with a pledge, you can expect to get a few bucks in return.
Did you know that:

Glass can be recycled as many times as possible without deteriorating quality.
Most of all submitted glass will be new glass packaging, the rest will be glass wool.
Already in the 1870s, glassmakers began to buy empty bottles for reuse

Keep in mind that:

  • Do not throw capsules in glass glaze.
  • Do not mix white and colored glass in glass glaze.
  • Too dirty glass cannot be recycled.

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