This is why Greta Thunberg is Met with so Much Hatred

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The Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg has become a symbol of the climate movement after her breakthrough on the world stage.

She is praised daily by top politicians and climate supporters around the world.

At the end of September 2019, among other things, she gave a very distinguished speech at the UN Climate Summit, where she harshly called out world leaders – for their inadequate efforts for the environment.

Thunberg’s rapidly rising popularity “reflects a deep, collective longing for reason and leadership.”

But the 16-year-old not only arouses joy and faith in the future – many have an aggressive and patronizing attitude towards the Swede.

Among other things, world leaders such as Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have resorted to harsh attacks against the teenager.

But it’s not just top politicians who are addressing the teenager. People with ordinary jobs and incomes show their hatred towards Thunberg every day.

Many believe that adults get so angry because “a 16-year-old in braids” says things they don’t want to hear.

-So far, we do not see the leadership we really need. The truth is that Greta is neither hysterical nor confused.

The psychologist believes that the attacks against her do in fact expose uncertainty when they see a leadership that the adults should really stand for – and not a child.

Attacks on Thunberg’s mental health are a classic defense mechanism for the attacker. She becomes an easy target because she delivers unwanted truths.

The teen triggers so much hatred because everything we do in our everyday lives is climate impact. Our entire lives are dependent on carbon dioxide-heavy elements, from flying to eating meat. It can be overwhelming, disturbing and deeply upsetting.

In conclusion, humanity has for such a long time “danced around this issue as if it is not a threat”

When a young person suddenly says as it is and puts his finger on all the mistakes, grown-ups are very affected in different ways,

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