The People who are at Most Risk of Coronavirus Covid-19

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Most do not become seriously ill with the coronavirus. The symptoms are often mild if you are under 80. The symptoms can be reminiscent of common cold and usually occur two to five days after becoming infected. Sometimes it can take up to 14 days.

Risk groups Coronavirus, covid-19

But there are some groups that are at risk of getting sicker than others of the virus. At present, there are two main things to talk about:


So far, it is mainly older people (over 80-85) who are most severely affected by the coronavirus.

We must reduce the rate of dissemination and protect the groups that are most ill, the elderly who are 80-85 years old. We have to protect the elderly. It has been found all over the world that they are the worst affected. Precisely age is the single most important indicator of how sick you are.

Underlying disease and impaired immune system

A large Chinese study shows that older people and people with underlying illnesses, such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, lung disease, cancer, and diabetes, are over-represented among severe cases.

The coronavirus is worse for the elderly and the sick. In exceptional cases, more serious illnesses with pneumonia may also occur for coronaviruses, but especially in those with cardiovascular disease, impaired immune systems or old age. The age is probably the most important factor when looking at what has happened in China. The older you have been, the greater the risk of a more difficult course. Since then, a small study has been done and seen that some chronic diseases can also add to this risk. But I do not know if it is applicable here.

Pregnant and the risk of Corona

In the case of regular seasonal flu, pregnant women are usually regarded as a risk group. There is currently limited information about coronavirus and pregnancy. It is recommended that pregnant women take the same precautions as other infectious diseases.

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