The New Coronavirus – What you Should Know

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There is currently an outbreak of a new coronavirus (which causes the covid-19 disease) originating in China.

The largest number of confirmed cases of the new Coronavirus has been found in China, although cases are reported from a number of other countries all around the world.

anti-proliferation measures have been taken in several places, such as various forms of screening/investigations at airports and entry bans. The latter applies mainly to people who have lived in China, but some countries have also taken measures that affect people who have lived in other countries with confirmed cases of covid-19.

Many airlines have also temporarily suspended or reduced their flights to and from China, and restrictions have also been introduced in other parts of the world.

General advice for your trip

Review your insurance

The spread of the virus is difficult to predict. With cancellation protection, it can be easier to get back the money for your trip if the situation worsens at your destination. As always, it is important to have good travel insurance that is valid throughout the journey and covers the costs of necessary care and possibly return home. Talk to your tour operator or insurance company.

Stay in touch with your tour operator

Your tour operator has a responsibility for you as a traveler. If you have questions about an upcoming trip or questions about cancellation or re-booking, you should contact your tour operator.

Get information from the Public Health Agency

The Public Health Authority is the responsible authority for questions concerning infection protection. They follow the development, update their website on an ongoing basis and support the care with recommendations on how to handle suspicious cases.

Follow local government instructions

In the event of the spread of infection, it is likely that local authorities will take a number of measures to reduce the spread. This may include local and regional transport restrictions, but may also affect accessibility to public places and institutions. It is important that you, as an individual traveler, stay informed about what applies.

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