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One year is almost endless in the technology industry, and trying to keep up with the development can be challenging. Here are three trends to keep track of in 2020.

Marketing and PR are industries with a high pace and steep development curve. In other words, it is important to keep up to date with the latest technology in order to keep communication and campaigns fresh and relevant.

A summary has listed three techniques that it is believed will develop greatly in the coming year.

Deep Fake technology. This technology can easily be described as fake faces based on existing data, such as uploaded images or Youtube clips where the person you want to emulate is involved. The technology can be used, among other things, to send out misleading messages, or sometimes pure lies, from people who have not spoken at all.

In the past, advanced programs and a bunch of impact specialists were required to achieve a good result, but today almost anyone can produce a relatively credible version of a “deepfake”. Summary mentions the presidential election next fall as the time for the big public impact.

5G network. Here, as always, the idea is that the speed should be higher, and the coverage better. How things are going with the exposed targets remains to be seen, and the network is still in its cradle. In 2020, we will probably see several Swedish operators offer 5G for the first time, and the phone giants launch the technology to the masses via their flagship models.

Deeper AI integration. Several players are starting to “celebrate” AI engines and solutions. The idea is that agencies and companies that have not yet jumped on the train should be closer to integration, and thus to results.

Three examples of services that are already beginning to be established are the cloud, rendering performance and data processing. Maybe this is the solution for AI to really lift as technology in communication and marketing. Only the imagination, and possible legislation, set limits on what this technology might do in the future.

Now only a few weeks of the year remain. Soon it’s time for a new decade – and with it surely new technologies that are establishing themselves, and hopefully solutions we haven’t even thought of yet.

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