The Coronavirus is now Larger than the SARS Epidemic

The coronavirus is now larger than the SARS epidemic

The coronavirus continues its spread of infection and the number of confirmed cases in China now amounts to almost 6,000. The number of deaths from the virus now amounts to 132, according to the country’s official figures.

Wide decline on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

On the first trading day after the Chinese New Year celebrations, red numbers prevail on the Hong Kong stock exchange. The Hang Seng index is down by more than 2 percent and in particular backs flight and casino shares.

Apple is making a record quarter

Apple presented its report for the fourth quarter of 2019. The report exceeded analysts’ expectations and set new sales records. The company had sales of $ 91.8 billion during the period and earnings per share landed at $ 4.99. In total, Apple Iphones sold for $ 56 billion in Q4. In the report, Apple says they expect sales of $ 63 to 67 billion in the first quarter of 2020 with a profit margin of 38 to 39 percent. With the Coronavirus, Apple is, however struggling with its manufacturing in China as a result of the Coronavirus. Additionally, the demand for Apple’s products, like many other companies, has declined, in particular in Asia due to the virus spread.

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