The Climate and The Environment in The Future

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The climate and the environment is something that is constantly in the eye and something that is often rewritten.

The topic is constantly up-to-date. One party that is constantly pushing for an even more active climate and environment policy is the Environmental Party. The issue of climate and environment is constantly becoming more and more important for people. The question may be extra important for younger individuals.

Young voters tend to care even more about environmental issues and future issues than older voters. A green transition is very important for the whole world to prevent, for example, ice melting at the poles.

The issue is a global problem and in some countries, such as China or South Korea, for example, you can not even go out without mouth protection and that is because the air there is quite bad. All countries need to take responsibility, but unfortunately, everyone does not.

Fossil-free cars are an exciting future and those living in the countryside have great opportunities to charge their cars with electricity that they can produce themselves.

Many people worry, but a lot is also done for the environment and there is a lot of investment in the climate. For example, there are plans to expand and build much more wind power, but also in terms of solar power, there are some exciting plans here and where to expand solar power. New solar power parks are being built a little here and there. However, investments are made in many sectors, not just the environment.

If one is interested in another industry then real estate financing is an area that is interesting to invest in. Real estate financing and the environment are not completely separate things, there are, among other things, environmentally friendly properties that one can invest in.

The environmental party also wants to implement another thing, a tax on dangerous chemicals that end up in, for example, textiles and shoes. When these things are finally thrown away, they end up in the environment and eventually they can end up in the food or in women’s breast milk. Something that is very problematic.

Another country that has wanted to raise taxes on petrol and diesel, for example, is France, but it became a trigger that led to the Yellow West and loud protests against Macron. If you want, you can read more about France and the Yellow West in the French daily Le Monde.

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