Solar Cells can Increase the Value of Your House

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Solar cells are not only an investment for both you and the environment – it also increases the value of the house.

If you can reduce operating costs with solar cells, it is very interesting for the consumer and definitely has a market impact.

Solar cells are becoming an increasingly common sight on many roofs. In recent years, we have seen a boom in photovoltaic plants, thanks in part to the generous subsidies from the state and the ever-lower price of the photovoltaic cells themselves.

Houses with solar cells are sold faster

The benefits of solar cells are many. Besides the fact that fossil-free and renewable energy is better for the environment, you save money by buying less electricity and by selling the surplus harness back to the electricity grid. But there is another aspect, too, is that solar cells increase the value of your house.

A research study from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, USA, shows that homeowners are willing to pay more for a house with a solar cell facility. In addition, the study shows that houses with solar cells tend to be out in the market for a shorter time than houses without solar cells.

A homeowner can reduce their operating costs on electricity by about EUR 500 per year for a regular villa. When the solar cells are paid off, usually after 10-12 years, they give a pure profit of tens of thousands of EUR during their lifetime of 30 years – in addition to any value increase on the house itself.

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