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Recycling of plastic

In plastic recycling, a sorting plant is used which automatically fine-tunes hard and soft plastic packaging. Hard plastic packaging is separated from the soft with an air method where the soft plastic is blown away.

This technology helps the degree of recycling and sorting where one has to sort plastic by type of plastic since they contain different compositions of chemicals. Sometimes you also need to sort the plastics by color.

The plastics are separated into soft and hard plastic and type of plastic. The plastic is then crushed and melted into pellets which then replace virgin plastic.

Soft plastics

The soft plastic packaging is mostly LDPE and is usually recycled to cable covers, garbage bags and carrying bags.

Hard plastic

Hard plastic packaging consists mostly of polypropylene and HD polyethylene. Depending on the quality of the plastic, it becomes a granulate – raw material for many different plastic products.

This process affects most unstained HDPE containers. Fractions with more varying quality and color are recycled to, among other things, boards where the material is mixed with sawdust. Recycled plastic is transported to industries that produce flower pots, but also the construction and automotive industries. Demand is now quite high on sorted plastic. A ton of hard plastic packaging can today be recycled to over 80,000 flower pots.

Environmental Awareness

Environmental awareness is about each individual taking responsibility for the environment. We can all make an effort for our environment by, among other things, ensuring that our plastic is recycled. Read more about environmental awareness here.


Source sorting is probably the most important thing you can do to help the environment. Sort your plastic so that it can be recycled and used for new things, instead of letting it end up in the wrong place where it can harm our environment. Read more about source sorting.

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