Questions and Answers about Coronavirus 2019-nCoV (covid-19)

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Does coronavirus really help mouth protection and how is it really with hand spirit, does it matter?

The coronavirus that is now flourishing, especially in China, is completely new, which means that authorities and researchers do not yet have all the information on the table. At the same time, efforts are being made all over the world to limit the spread and by the end of the day Australian researchers have found ways to grow the virus, which may help to develop vaccines in a controlled environment later as it is a long process.

Large airlines have indeed canceled flights to and from China and cases have been detected around the world at the same time, we Swedes have no reason to panic or bunker mouth protection.

Does oral protection against coronavirus help?

Around the world, especially in Asia reports that the pharmacies are selling end of mouth protection will come. Firstly, one should be aware that there are different types of mouthguards, the mouthguards that you use in health care and infection care are of a completely different type than the mouthguards you as a consumer can buy. So the question is, does mouth protection against coronavirus help?

– No, unfortunately, the mouthguards that you sell at pharmacies do not help. When it comes to most respiratory tract infections, they have no effect at all, instead it can provide false security. The only thing that could possibly protect is if a person who is ill uses the mouthguard but because you take off and on it the disease is spread through the so-called airborne infection. So there is not really any good protection there either.

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