Our Consumption Affects the Environment Worldwide

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The resources on earth are running out due to our increasing consumption and the actual flow of materials it entails has a huge environmental impact.

Everything we consume affects our environment and the conditions for future generations to have a good life. Throughout the life cycle of the product, from raw material withdrawals, production and transport until it is finally taken care of, it affects the environment. The climate is changing and chemicals are being spread in the ecosystems. We must, therefore, begin to find ways of economic growth without the large material flows that damage our environment and leave behind a gigantic waste rock.

Shopping – an addiction

For many, consumption and shopping are a great leisure pleasure. It’s not about what we need, but shopping has become an abuse. You go shopping to curb anxiety and feel good, but happiness is short-lived and the need for new gadgets is increasing rapidly.

We must share with the developing countries

The environmental targets focus on our own environment, but it is important to also take into account the problems that our consumption causes in other countries. Most of the world’s population lives in poverty and in order for them to also have an acceptable standard of living, we need to consume less in the rich countries. We take large amounts of natural resources and land areas from developing countries. Those living in these countries themselves need a lot of the resources to improve their living standards. We must therefore begin to change our lifestyle to make it more sustainable.

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