News About the Coronavirus

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News about the coronavirus

Symptoms and when to seek care?

If you have been in any of the risk areas specified by the Public Health Authority for the past 14 days (or have had contact with someone who has been there) and have the following symptoms;

  • fever over 38 degrees
  • difficulty breathing
  • cough

Contact the healthcare for guidance and referral to care. You should not go directly to your health care center or emergency room.

How does the coronavirus infect?

The best way to protect yourself is accurate hygiene. Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face and eyes. Also avoid close contact with sick people. The coronavirus is spread through a so-called drip infection, ie through contact between people, through coughs and / or sneezing.

About the coronavirus

The coronavirus was discovered in China in late 2019. The disease is called Covid-19, which means Corona Virus Disease.

WHO, world health organization gives recommendations on what efforts should be made to prevent dissemination and how medical diagnostics should go.

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