How to use Hand Sanitizer Properly

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Here’s how to use hand sanitizer – the right way

Here’s how hand sanitizer attacks infectious substances! And here are the viruses and bacteria that the handgun bites.

It can be smart to have a bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag or pocket during flu and cold times.

The alcohol in hand disinfection has a good effect on several types of viruses and bacteria.

Hand sanitizer against corona

It bites viruses that have a fatty envelope, a lipid envelope. For example, coronavirus such as the new covid-19.

Since the alcohol in hand liquor is fat-free, it destroys the fat envelope of both bacteria and viruses, which kills them. (Soap and detergent also have the same fat-dissolving effect).

Hand sanitizer destroys the cells
Alcohol also has another effect on viruses and bacteria – it breaks down their cellular structures.

Alcohol also denatures proteins and certain other substances that are important for the survival of organisms.

Here’s how to wash your hands with hand sanitizer

  • Pour hand sanitizer into your one cupped palm (at least 3 milliliters).
  • Then rub both hands everywhere: handlooms, fingertips, between fingers and more.
  • Wait until it has dried. It is important that the hand spray should air dry.
  • The effect will be worse if you have dirt or grease on your hands. Then wash with soap and water before, or if you are out: Try rubbing away dirt.

Disease virus that hand sanitizer kills


Both the new covid-19, as well as sars and Mers. The reason is that they have a grease cover that dissolves and is destroyed by the hand sanitizer (and soap).

Flu virus

Also, viruses that cause regular seasonal flu have a casing and are thus destroyed by hand rubbing (and soap).

Disease virus that hand sanitizer does not kill

Winter vomiting disease virus

The viruses that cause winter-sickness, calicivirus (norovirus) lack envelope and are therefore difficult to kill with alcohol. Often there are large amounts of viruses that should be removed “mechanically” by cleaning with soap and water beforehand disinfection.

How hand sanitizer kills bacteria

The alcohol in hand liquor kills most bacteria. Both by dissolving the fatty substances in the cell membranes and by “blasting” its proteins.

Bacteria that are not hand-bitten
Hand rubbing has no effect on the bacterium Clostridium difficile, which can cause stomach upset after antibiotic treatment. The reason is that it is a spore-forming bacterium. (Tetanus and anthrax are other spore-forming bacteria).

Here, thorough handwashing with soap and water is required, and then hand-washing.

Hand disinfection with hydrogen peroxide

There is hand disinfection with added hydrogen peroxide, bleach. It is antiseptic and if combined with hand spirit, the effect against bacteria and viruses is believed to increase. Some smaller studies show that it can kill the winter sickness virus.

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