How to Protect Yourself Against the Coronavirus

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Wash your hands frequently, with soap and hand alcohol.

And try to avoid touching your face and eyes.

These are some of the tips for protecting yourself against the corona virus.

There are many questions about how the corona virus spreads and spreads.

What one knows is that the corona virus is spread through contact between people or what is called drip infection – coughs and sneezing. The best way to protect yourself from drip mites is good hand hygiene, avoiding close contact with other people and not tapping your face.

Avoid touching your face
Therefore, the Authority’s recommendations are that:
Wash hands with soap and warm water, and/or hand alcohol before meals, food handling and after toilet visits.
Avoid touching the face or eyes and avoiding close contact with sick people.

Coughs and sneezes in the arm fold or in a paper handkerchief to prevent the infection from spreading in its immediate vicinity.
Stay at home when you are sick to avoid infecting people on the bus or job.
– Avoid the sick. Oral protection does not help and there is no vaccine or medicine. Listen to the authorities.

Mild cough can be contagious

According to the knowledge currently available, you do not become infected during the incubation period, that is, during the time that elapses from being infected until the disease breaks out. Those who have been exposed to infection should, in any case, be aware of early signs of illness.

However, some of the people with the illness have only mild symptoms, especially in the beginning. It is, therefore, possible to get infected by someone with mild cough and who does not feel ill.

Survive for days

Experience from previous virus outbreaks indicates that the infection is not transmitted via parcel or mail.
But according to a study conducted by German researchers, the Coronavirus can survive for several days on different surfaces.
This means that those who take the rails in buses, door handles or keypads on door phones can be infected – without having been in contact with other people.
– This virus is better equipped than many others, it can survive longer outside the body

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