How you Should Recycle Glass

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It is important that we recycle old glass into new raw material. It is then used for new products that you have the benefit and enjoyment of before recycling it.

For the glass cycle to work, it is important that you leave your glass at collection sites. What you do is important. For the environment. And for future generations, make sure you recycle your glass. Some countries are good at recycling glass, but we need to get even better. In fact, we have a responsibility to be even better.

Rubbish and incorrect color sorting on the glass cause major problems in the recycling process. There are three things to keep in mind when leaving your glass packaging for recycling:


In order for the collected glass to be used for new raw material, it must be free from foreign materials such as ceramics, porcelain, gravel, and incandescent lamps. Leave covers and caps in the plastic or metal collection.


If colored glass ends up in a white container, the contents must be classified as colored. The glass mills are then forced to produce unstained glass of new raw materials. By sorting correctly, you help the glass mills to use even more recycled glass in their manufacture.


Some sorting is done by people by hand, and old food debris harms their working environment. Take care of the environment and take care of your fellow humans.

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