How Long Coronavirus Survives on your Mobile

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According to a German study, coronavirus can live longer on different types of materials and surfaces – which also means your mobile. But how long can it stay on the cellphone and how do you clean it best?

In order not to spread the ongoing coronavirus, it is important to wash your hands for a long time, cough and sneeze in the arm fold. But how long can the virus actually survive on surfaces?

According to a German study, it can survive for a long time on different surfaces of materials such as metal, glass, and plastic.

Lives up to 9 days

And what is something that most people use every day made of? Of course, the mobile, which we often have near our face in addition. The virus can live up to nine days on the various materials. An individual particle cannot live very long, but if it is a larger amount it will survive longer.

Oprah magazine also writes that there does not have to be direct sneezing on the phone that causes the infection to end up there. Without it, it can be transferred from one material to another. So if you have touched a door handle where infection can be found and then on your mobile – then it may have been transferred between things.

How to reduce the risk of infection

To protect yourself from the potential contagion of your cell phone, care should be taken to disinfect it. According to New technology, the virus can be killed with alcohol, soap or other fat-solvents.

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