Electricity is the Future

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There is no end to the possibilities if we can replace fossil fuel with electricity. At least I think so. But this lies a bit into the future and the skeptics are not stupid. Because there are many questions to answer.

The electric car is, as many people know, no new invention but has actually existed at the same time as the first petrol cars. But due to, among other things, low performance, there was no sustainable alternative at that time.

And the question is, well, if the “fuel” of the electric car could have been classified at all as something like green in terms of energy production …

And then we are there again – how green is electricity today? Unfortunately not as green as we could have wished. Coal power plants dominate the US and parts of Asia we should not even talk about.

But somewhere we have to start. Chevrolet has done it, Volvo, Saab, Mitsubishi, Toyota. They have all presented functioning electric cars.

As recently as last spring, Denmark has painted the vision that half of the country’s electricity will be generated by wind power. And if the majority of the western world countries would flag for similar concepts, we can start talking about many saved rainforests and icebergs! It’s something we all win.

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