Cross Country Moving: Tips for Moving to Oklahoma in Winter

A cross-country move is a task that requires a lot of preparation and responsibilities. During winter, a cross-country move becomes more complicated and scary. Fortunately, with the right tips, you can manage a successful and stress-free move to Oklahoma in winter.

Check out cross-country moving tips for moving to Oklahoma in winter.

1. Hire a moving company

If moving from California to Oklahoma, consider hiring a moving company. The movers will ensure a smooth and efficient move where your belongings arrive safely. Also, moving companies have insurance covers in case your properties break or get destroyed while moving.

2. Pack your properties well.

Protect sensitive items such as electronics when packing your belongings for a winter move. Pack the delicate belongings in a way that prevents cold-weather damage. Do this by adding extra paddings such as blankets, sheets, or clothes.

Double-wrap your wooden items with a thick blanket to keep them safe and warm during winter. Alternatively, consult GPS Moving & Storage on the best way to pack your things for winter relocation.

3. Use a moving checklist

It is possible to forget or overlook moving essentials. That’s why it’s a checklist is paramount. With a moving list, you will complete every task for your move.

4. Prepare in advance

Avoid a last-minute rush to book your travel arrangements. Research and schedule in advance all the details you’ll require for the Oklahoma cross-country move. Also, prepare by removing clutters for a smooth and stress-free move.

5. Keep an eye out for the forecasts.

Keeping an eye on Oklahoma weather reports days before the move is essential. That will enable you to identify winter conditions such as storms. The information will assist you in planning the date to move or making adjustments depending on the winter conditions.

6. Dress appropriately for your winter move.

You must wear appropriate clothes and garments during your winter move. Wear flexible clothes that adjust to temperature changes and your tasks while moving. Remember, you’ll get hot while packing your boxes or lifting items. That makes it key to choose the right outfit for your winter move.

7. Clear sidewalks and driveways.

Safety should be your priority concern when moving in the winter. Start by ensuring your sidewalks and driveways are clear of snow or ice on a moving day. Ensure there are safe as moving in the winter can become dangerous. Remove snow layers using a shovel or salt to prevent movers from falling while carrying heavy boxes.

8. Ensure your new-place utilities are up and running

After preparing everything, you must pay attention to your new house. That means ensuring all necessary utilities are connected and running when moving. Arrange for such connections before your winter move by inquiring with the realtor or landlord. Failing to confirm the functionality of utilities in your new place is considered a winter move mistake.


Although a cross-country winter move presents unique challenges, winter moves present indisputable advantages. Such advantages include lower movers’ rates by professional movers etc. Therefore, apply the above tips when moving to Oklahoma during the winter.

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