Coronavirus – How to Handle it at Your Workplace

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During the sports holiday, many people take the opportunity to travel away. Foreign travel, however, may raise concern among colleagues about what would happen if someone became infected with the coronavirus and then take the disease back to the workplace.

Upon returning home after a trip to countries or areas that the Public Health Agency has identified as a risk area for coronavirus, you as an employer should conduct a dialogue with the employee. Vote on how he feels and if there is any risk of being infected during the stay abroad.

Do not help to create any additional concerns, but be aware that there may be concern among employees. And take concerns seriously and have a good dialogue with the workplace safety representative.

Some occupational groups can work at home with pay if it is necessary if it is at the employer’s initiative.

As an employer, you have an obligation to make a risk assessment – where stress and worry are a work environment factor. Therefore, as an employer, employees should always take employees’ concerns seriously.

Note that it is important to follow the public health authority’s recommendations, but from an occupational health perspective, the employer must take all employees’ concerns seriously.

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