Coronavirus Covid-19 – Facts for Parents and Children

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Facts and advice about the coronavirus Covid-19.

Many people are afraid of the new Coronavirus from China. This coronavirus is new, so it can infect anyone who hits it. But what you can see most people seem to get a cold or flu-like illness. Some get pneumonia. The few who die of corona appear to be old and sick from the beginning. It is sad, but not so much different from today. It is the same group of people who are dying of influenza today.

Symptoms of coronavirus covid-19

Coronavirus covid-19 often causes cough, pain in the body and fever. Like flu.

Although the virus is from a family other than the flu virus, the disease appears to be quite similar. Some get very mild symptoms, many get a flu-like illness and need to rest for a week. A few people get pneumonia and need hospital care

About 0.5-1% of all infected deaths, probably fewer when access to good healthcare. Those who die are the same groups that die from the flu today. Mainly older people and people with lung disease or impaired immune system for other reasons.

Can I or my child have Coronavirus?

In northern Italy and also in France, the disease has started to spread to the community. When people return from a travel around the world – in particular from countries where the Coronavirus has had a major outbreak, there is definitely a risk of a significantly increased infection.

If you or your child has traveled in areas where the infection spreads in the community and gets cold or flu-like symptoms within 2-3 weeks of your return, it may be covid-19. Then try to help reduce the spread of infection is bt staying home from work and school. This even if you had the strength to go with the cough in normal cases. Call the healthcare system for advice on sampling.

Treatment of Coronavirus for children

There is no antivirus drug that is yet known to have an effect on Coronavirus. All existing ones are of course being tested by laboratories and at infection clinics around the world now. The treatment is thus the same as in all other cases of respiratory tract infections in children.

Make sure the children get fluid and some energy, ie liquid with sugar in it. Food if they can eat. Are the children too tired to drink, give them analgesic. Getting children difficult to breathe: seek medical attention. If your child has been at risk and needs to seek medical attention – call healthcare for advice on where to go to be able to receive care without infecting others.

Should you travel abroad considering the coronavirus covid-19?

Now that the Coronavirus is spreading in Europe, Iran and South Korea, among other things, you can expect to be infected in airplane environments, or an infection breaks out in the foreign place where you are located.

You can be quarantined for a couple of weeks by the authorities at the destination. With that said, it is wise to think extra carefully if you really need to travel abroad at the moment. And if the answer is yes, be extra careful about travel insurance for any home transport. Expect that you will be liable for any costs if you and your family quarantine.

Will health care cope with an outbreak of coronavirus?

Of course, many are worried about whether the healthcare system will cope with the increased burden resulting from a possible outbreak of corona. With right. The hospitals are of course planning for adjustments of care, ordering of staff etc and will increase their capacity to max.

But the fact remains that the care in many countries have tried to prepare for a major outbreak. By taking joint responsibility and only seeking care in case of respiratory problems or severe general impact, we can all facilitate the health care. If we stay home from work and school if we have been in areas with infection and get respiratory symptoms, we can reduce the rate of infection spread in the community.

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