Coffee Capsules: a Growing Environmental Problems

Sales of coffee capsules are increasing rapidly. But what happens to the empty capsules?

In total, the coffee capsules makeup 4.5 percent of the coffee market in some countries and are expected to continue to increase.

The capsules make up about a quarter of the coffee market. According to Euromonitor, sales of the capsule machines have been about the classic coffee brewers in Western Europe.

But what happens to the empty capsules? The capsules are not counted as packaging and this means that they should not be left in collections for packaging, but among ordinary household garbage

With its Nespresso packaging made of aluminum, Nestlé has negotiated with FTI that these should be disposed of in metal recycling. The company Tassimo, which also sells coffee capsules, encourages its customers to send used plastic capsules to Terracycle, but only a small portions of all capsules are recycled.

The coffee capsules is a great environmental problem as it demands a lot of resources and material just to produce one capsule, which is then thrown away after a single use.

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