5 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Climate and environment blog

Climate and environment blog

Do you want to reduce your energy consumption? Saving energy saves both the environment and money. In this post, we share 5 great tips for reducing your energy consumption.

1. Change to heat pump

A heat pump saves up to 65% of the heating costs. They extract heat from air, soil, water or rock. Which one suits you best depends on your circumstances and desires.

2. Replace mixer

Changing mixers may not be the first thing to think about in order to save energy, but it is actually true. With modern mixers and good habits, you and your family can save a lot of water and energy while maintaining comfort. Read about saving water with water-saving mixers.

3. Replace thermostats

Switching to new digital thermostats on the elements is a small investment, but a big saving. They are programmed to adjust the temperature during the day. You get the same comfortable comfort, but significantly lower energy consumption. Here you will find our thermostats.

4. Go from electricity to water

If you have direct-acting electric heating today, you can be a real winner this winter! Then we replace your old boiler with a heat pump and draw water-based heat throughout your house (also in the form of underfloor heating).
It will be a major intervention, but the greater will be the energy gain and comfort.

5. Trim the pan

After all, if you enjoy your old heating boiler (oil/pellets/wood), you still have a lot to gain from servicing it and adjusting it regularly.

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