4 Steps to Become a Climate-Neutral Company

The 20 Largest Countries Account for 80 Percent of Emissions

4 steps to become a climate-neutral company

We are met daily by articles on global warming and that the effects of greenhouse gas emissions are becoming clearer and clearer. However, it is important not to feel powerless and give up. If you have not yet started your climate work, it is not too late to start and for those who have already started, there is always the opportunity to strengthen their climate work. One goal to set for the company may be to become climate neutral.

But how do you do to become a climate-neutral company?

1. Calculate

Start with a climate calculation – doing a climate calculation shows you not only how large your emissions are, but also where your emissions are greatest in the business. This way you can easily find out where it is most effective to implement emission reduction measures.

2. Reduce

Develop a climate strategy for how to reduce your emissions and when it should be done, and get started with emission reduction measures.

3. Climate compensation

Climate compensation for the emissions that you cause and which are not possible to avoid at present. By climate compensation, you contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases outside your own operations. After you have climate compensated all your emissions, you achieve a net zero in emissions, and you can then call your climate neutral. Being climate positive means that an activity that meets the criteria for being climate neutral climate compensates for an emission that is greater than the climate impact of the business.

4. Communicate

There are several business benefits associated with communicating your climate work. Increased competitiveness and more satisfied employees are a couple of them. In addition, you inspire your industry colleagues to more ambitious climate work.

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