10 Tricks to Reduce your Energy Consumption

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You can do a lot to reduce your energy consumption. And the best part is that you only notice the difference in your wallet. So you do not need to make a big effort but can start today.


Pull out all the chargers at home when you have finished charging your mobile phone, toad or computer.


Switch to efficient lighting. Invest in LED lights that draw less electricity.


Turn off the lights when you leave the room.


Use the kettle to boil pasta, potato and rice water.


Do not boil more water than you need.


Keep in mind that the more hot water you use, the more energy you consume. Invest in modern shower nozzles that emit less water but still provide the same shower experience.


Skip the dishwasher and run the dishwasher. It requires less hot water. And you … Scrape off the leftovers instead of rinsing them off.


Set the right temperature in the fridge and freezer. The freezer should be -18 degrees. The fridge should have +5 degrees. Allow the food to cool before setting it in the fridge or freezer.


Make sure that tablets and computers have the power saving feature turned on.


Fill the washing machine, do not wash on quick programs and dry the laundry at room temperature – the dryer draws a lot of electricity.

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